The Return to Frolov

I have just had a 30-minute session with the Frolov respiratory training device, and I am surprised how well it went after a long break. I’m not sure why I stopped; perhaps it’s because I was feeling so right after the last run that I made the mistake of thinking I didn’t have to go any further. It is because I went on holiday and somehow being on holiday in a hotel room on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia did not seem compatible with spending time using this device.

The Frolov Respiratory Training Device

What device? I hear you say; The Frolov respiratory training device, an individual simulator inhaler. This is a Russian invention designed two retrain the medulla oblongata in the brain to allow you to retain more carbon dioxide say what question mark why on earth would you want to retain more carbon dioxide? Surely the point of breathing is to expel as much carbon dioxide as possible? Well actually, no, and paradoxically you can increase the oxygen into cells by retaining carbon dioxide hence the training to fool the automatic breathing centre in the brain to keep more carbon dioxide in the lungs and thus bloodstream. So as you can see from the photo, this device consists of a container, a flexible pipe and a mouthpiece. The idea is that you put some water into the pot and then breathe through your mouth a short breath in, followed by a natural long through the mouthpiece mouth so that you are breathing to a degree your carbon dioxide which increases the body’s tolerance carbon dioxide. Enough of the technical details at the moment, only to say that I am most pleased with my initial progress and my ability to oxygenate my cells has not been too severely compromised over the last 18 months. That is because I do other exercises, especially when I’m out walking, to naturally increase the amount of carbon dioxide in my lungs and my bloodstream.

Don’t waste your carbon dioxide!

Retaining carbon dioxide as a mechanism for getting more oxygen into cells is one of the Five Pillars of the Sakharoff Protocol and from my own experience has been clear that this is tremendously useful in enhancing one’s health.

For people who suffer from various lifestyle diseases such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, COPD, hypertension, stenocardia and other chronic inflammatory conditions, this is a potent tool to use. Essentially the respiration training device is replicating the low oxygen conditions found at high altitude. Now, you may be able to remember that in the Soviet times the Russians were very keen to talk about the longevity of the residents in the Caucasian mountains and this has now been put down to among other things the fact that they live at high altitudes.

The benefits

What benefits have I had from this and what am I looking to improve? My blood pressure is normalised, I feel my metabolism is better, and I have more energy; I don’t get out of breath so quickly and cycling and walking fast is a great pleasure by using a technique called nose breathing where you keep your mouth closed when you’re doing exercise. I also feel that I am developing resilience and gaining strength. I have a gut feeling that I’m doing something that will keep me healthy for many years to come.

As well as measuring the periods of a respiratory cycle, that is, inhalation and exhalation compared to the amount of water I put in the container, I can also monitor my resting pulse. At this juncture, it is 51, although during the last period of using the device my resting pulse was as low as 41.

The Control Pause (CP)

I can also measure my so-called Control Pause, both in the evening and first thing in the morning. Let me define what the Control Pause is: if you breathe out and then try and refrain from breathing in, it is the amount of time in seconds that it takes for you to get air hungry and feel the need to inhale air. The interesting fact is that modern humans in western society have a Contol Pause (CP) of between 15 and 20 seconds whereas the records from 100 years ago show that the average CP was between 40 and 50 seconds. The Russian Doctor, Buteyko, observed that people who had cancer had a very very low CP of between 3 and 5 seconds. Conversely, healthy people have a CP of over 40 and it has been observed that cancer has a very hard time surviving when cells are oxygenated to the degree that there is enough carbon dioxide in the bloodstream indicated by a CP of over 60 seconds. At best, my CP was around 110 seconds 18 months ago, but alas, it has fallen back to about 60 seconds now. But I want to attain Super Health and build my CP up to 120 seconds and beyond. It seems that you can go all the way up to 240 seconds. If I get there, I will have attained Super Health. I don’t believe this; I know it. I have seen testimonials from those who were seriously ill and have transformed their health situation by learning how to breathe correctly and build up their CP to the Super Health level.

However, as I have mentioned in previous posts, this is only part of the story, and by combining breathing with the other factors in the Sakharoff Protocol, there can be a dramatic synergistic effect on the body and the psyche.

I will keep you posted on my progress with the Frolov respiratory training device.

PS: My average resting pulse according to my Fitbit, is 49, down from 51 yesterday and from 57 a week ago. My resting pulse last night before I went to bed was 42! Not bad for a 64-year old!