My name is Steve. I am 62 years old, and I enjoy an active life. I have not succumbed so far to the various life-style diseases and intend to stay that way. I do not take any medication.

The reason I have started this blog is that I am beginning to be a party-bore over something I discovered which I think is important information to everyone. So instead of me having to explain it all, I can just give away the link to this blog which will show the evidence and let the reader decide.

It started a few months ago, when I was was informed that a friend of mine, Raimundus, had made a miraculous recovery from a brain tumour. About 6 months before this, I saw Raimundas and he was in a terrible way – he had had radiation treatment, chemo and was on prednisolon, a cortisone, with terrible headaches. He could hardly speak. He had been operated on by the premier hospital in Denmark shortly after diagnosis.

I was fascinated by his recovery and arranged to see him. only the day I turned up at his apartment, his Brazilian girlfriend, the formidable Vanessa, was there to greet me and she told me the story.

Raimundas had been told that his cancer was incurable and the best they could offer was palliative care in the form of stronger chemo and perhaps another operation. Raimundas, very bravely, took the third option – to cure himself.  Now, Vanessa is not the sort to just give up either, so she investigated the alternatives.

She found Misha, a Russian engineer and music teacher liveing here in Denmark, in a town close by. More about Misha Sakharoff here.

She also found out about intravenous vitamin C treatment and an Icelandic electronic device that matches the resonance of a pathology and destroys it.

Raimundas, in the meantime, was given a letter from the hospital saying he was terminally ill, so that he could get further palliative care.

Now, here comes the “miracle”:

Within a few months he was completely cured. He went back for a scan and all they could find was scar tissue!

So, what was it that brought on the “spontaneous remission” (the technical term for a miracle or unexplained event in the health industry)?

What did Misha do?

That is what we are going to discuss here. Yes, there are sceptics and you are most welcome to respond. But learning that cancer, diabetes, heart problems plus other diseases are caused by our life style and can be reversed or better still, avoided, was a revelation to me as I am sure it will be for you.

You are what you eat, drink and breathe.

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