I am a regular guy, 62 years old, living in Denmark. I like to swim, walk my dog, take photos, read and generally enjoy life.

I consider myself a lucky human being, being born at the right place at the right time to enjoy freedom. I am the product of the welfare state, where my education and health were provided for by the state. Does that make me a socialist? I don’t think so, but my priviledged life has taught me to be a humanist.

That freedom has been a double-edged sword for me, my generation and the generations that followed. In a liberal society, I have the freedom to do what I want with my body, and that fact is exploited to the max in our capitalist system.  Consequently, clever marketing, political decisions and greed have created a society in which obesity is the norm and along with it  life-style diseases that were not common a few generations ago.

I have decided to make some adjustments to my life-style, because I want to live life to the full for some time to come. I also want to show others that they do not have to become victims. I am not an expert, and I make sure I learn something new about this every day. Neither am I a fitness fanatic or a diet freak.

Why should I bother? Why don’t I just make the changes and get on with it? Because our way of life is in my opinion unsustainable. We have a health system that spends billions on treating the consequences of life-style instead of going to the root of the problem. We have a mantra of “growth” – we hear it all the time from politicians. If that growth comes from more people getting cancer and evermore expensive treatments to cure it, then it will ultimately become unsustainable.  So I have a responsibility.

So here are the ramblings of a concerned individual; perhaps I have got it wrong – time will tell. But in the meantime, I am determined to find out how and why we are being misinformed about our health to the degree that it is killing us.


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